Cregneash village Isle of Man
Settled on an upland plateau overlooking the Calf of Man, Cregneash village was one of the last strongholds of the Manx language and customs which characterised the crofting way of life.

Cregneash is situated 5 minutes drive from Cafe Red in Port Erin.

Cregneash is on an upland plateau with a wonderful view of the Calf of Man, the Manx language and customs are alive and well in the village which characterises the crofting way of life. On show in the cottages you can see how the crofters lived, listen to their stories and see how they lived.

Cregneash village today is important in that it preserves an old and important way of life. Visiting the Village is like viewing life as it was hundreds of years ago. The farms are maintained with horsepower and much of the livestock roam free.

After you have enjoyed Cregneash, come down to Cafe Red, enjoy the Coffee and have a bite to eat. What better way to recount the wonders of Cregneash then over a cup of the best coffee on the Isle Of Man

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